Nine Vehicles Seized and 70 Stopped In Batley Road Safety Blitz

Wednesday December 4, 2019

Police seized nine vehicles and arrested a man for drug driving as part of a pre-Christmas road safety blitz in Batley. 

The Batley and Spen NPT have thanked partners for their assistance in a multi agency operation which saw authorities stop over 70 vehicles as part of a wider initiative to make roads safer. 

Agencies including the DVLA, HMRC, VOSA and Kirklees Taxi Licencing all took part in the initiative near Wilton Park, Batley on Tuesday December 3.

In total partners seized seven cars for offences including have no tax or insurance , as well as a taxi and a box van, both of which were untaxed.

VOSA also prohibited four vehicles from travelling onwards as a result of defects including unroadworthy tyres.

One driver was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs and six traffic offence reports were submitted for various offences, including driving with no licence/insurance.

Forty commercial vehicles were also checked to see if they were powered by red diesel.  None of them were using the fuel type which is restricted for agricultural use only.

PC Phil Ashley of the Batley and Spen NPT, said: “This has been a successful operation which we hope will have sent a message to drivers in our area that we are focussed on our road safety and will be around targeting those who either drove unsafely or drive vehicles which are not safe or legal for road use.

“Along with colleagues in other NPT’s we want to continue to  target what we call the ‘Fatal 4,’ namely the four factors that contribute to a road traffic collision or serious injury. These are speeding, drink drive, mobile phone use and driving without a seat belt.

“I hope residents were reassured by this visible presence on our roads and I can promise that more operations of this kind are planned in the near future.”

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