Officers, Staff and Members of the Public Honoured at the Kirklees District Awards

Tuesday 20 November, 2018

Police officers who confronted suspects with knives, safeguarded very vulnerable children and saving a man from a freezing temperatures in a canal are among those honoured in a special ceremony in Huddersfield.

Detectives, police officers, police staff and members of the public have been recognised for their dedication to duty and commitment to going above and beyond in the 2018 Kirklees District Awards which were held at University of Huddersfield on 19 November.

Among those honoured this year were officers who led criminal investigations into a series of violent robberies in Kirklees, staff who helped put together the most complex CSE investigation in Kirklees which led to perpetrators being jailed for over 250 years, officers who helped save the lives of some of the most vulnerable people by building trust from a man and a woman who were stood on a motorway bridge and the innovative ways technology has been used to solve crime and make Kirklees a safer place.

Kirklees District Commander Chief Superintendent Julie Sykes, said: “This awards ceremony is an opportunity for us to celebrate the commitment and bravery of those who work tirelessly to keep Kirklees safe. A lot of our police officers are faced with extremely dangerous situations on a daily basis and in doing so protecting the public and the most vulnerable from serious harm.

“I am completely blown away with the outstanding achievements and dedication to serving and protecting public we have seen tonight, not only from police officer and staff, but members of the public who have selflessly come to the aid of those who need it most.”

Full list of winners include:

  • DS Zaheer Abbas for your diligence, tenacity and professionalism in investigating a robbery whereby a family was assaulted and threatened with a firearm.  As a result, three suspects were identified and subsequently convicted, and each sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.
  • Victoria Haddon for your time and commitment you have given to Kirklees District of West Yorkshire Police.  You have brought skills which have been utilised in enhancing communication systems and have become a valuable member of Team Kirklees.
  • DS Dennise Bell and PC David Mathers for your excellent investigation of a rape of a 17-year-old which resulted in the sentencing of the perpetrator to 10 years imprisonment.
  • Lynne Spencer who received the Police Public Bravery Medal
  • Special Constable Annabel Hewitt for your excellent support in supporting the Kirklees District. Your tenacity and enthusiasm is infectious and this has been displayed by your ability to motivate and assist other less experienced Special Constables and Regular Officers.
  • PC Gaynor Dawson for your hard work, determination and proactivity in planning and co-ordinating Operation Treeward, the Christmas Town Centre operation in Huddersfield. 
  • Helen Townend for recognition of your bravery in going to the aid of an assault victim whilst the incident was still in progress. You placed yourself in the middle of a serious and violent situation to try and protect a stranger.
  • PC Jack Knight and PS Vanessa Briggs for your successful efforts to talk down a female contemplating suicide on the Rainbow Bridge over the M62 motorway.  You acted professionally and kept your nerve when she climbed over the bridge railings.  You gained her trust and eventually she agreed to return to the inside of the barriers.
  • Mohammed Al-Hurani and Ahmed Mohammed for your bravery in tackling the suspect in a robbery when you did not know if he was armed or violent.  Your actions have led to this individual being arrested and subsequently sentenced to 46 weeks’ imprisonment, therefore making the community safer and feel safer.
  • PC Jacob Knight for your exceptional achievements as a student officer and the significant contribution you have made in keeping the community of Kirklees safe and feeling safe.
  • PC Ryan Sharp for your hard work, determination and proactivity, culminating in the planning and implementation of Op Tallowhill which made a significant contribution to making Huddersfield a safer place to travel to and from during the Christmas period.
  • PC Ian Robinson, PC Neil Hesketh, PC Andrew Mckeown, PC Saul Spencer, PC Sean Carter and PC Daniel Broderick for your selfless act in saving a man who had jumped into the canal.  Struggling under dark, muddy, slippery conditions in freezing temperatures for about 10 minutes until the Fire Service were able to pull him out of the water, you probably helped to save his life.
  • DS Zaheer Abbas for your dedication to bringing an offender to justice after he had attacked and seriously injured two officers from Cheshire Police. The suspect was charged with assault on the officers and possession of indecent images and subsequently received a custodial sentence of 14 years.
  • PC Andrew Walden for your efforts to talk down a suicidal male who was making threats to jump off a motorway bridge, building up trust so that he took hold of your hand.  Your calm and composed nature prevented him from jumping possibly killing him and endangering the lives of several motorway users.
  • DC Kris Roberts, A/DS Seb Morgan and DC Mark Taylor for your perseverance and diligence in investigating a series of violent robberies culminating in Colin Winteringham receiving a custodial sentence of 15 years and 11 months imprisonment.
  • Sheila Meskimmon in recognition of your courage in fighting off and disarming a violent attacker who had struck you to the head with a hammer. 
  • PC Scott Gardner and PCSO Morgan Cockcroft for the creation of 'KLTV', a highly innovative communication tool to promote serious Police messages.  It is now used throughout the District and across the Force to educate colleagues of various roles and ranks covering a number of themes from up-dates in legislation to Chief Officer Team up-dates. 
  • PC Amy Lane and PC Chris King who were awarded a Royal Humane Society Resuscitation Certificate for their humanity, promptitude and skill shown in having on 8 February 2018 assisted in restoring a man to life entitles him/her to the Resuscitation Certificate of the Society which is hereby awarded.
  • PC Josh Sykes and PC Amy Elam for your bravery when confronted with a heavily intoxicated man with a large knife. You managed to restrain him and disarm him, deploying PARVA spray. You acted with extreme professionalism.
  • Christopher Brooksbank for your dedication and professional attitude you have displayed throughout Operation Tendersea. Making sacrifices in your personal life your commitment to bringing people to justice has assisted team members and prosecution barristers in the successful preparation of case files.
  • PCSO Claire Whitwam, Robina Shaffi and Sajjad Husain for your quick action when coming across a man who was trying to self-harm and saying he wanted to commit suicide in Huddersfield Bus Station. Your intervention prevented him from doing so or from harming others.
  • Neighbourhood Proactive Team – PS Graham Slarke, PC Darren Parkinson, PC Amy Gidley, PC Daniel Garside, PC Asad Kahut and PC Khalid Sadiq In recognition that you have demonstrated the true values of working as a team which has led to outstanding achievements and developing innovative methods of policing from Ward to District level. This work has resulted in significant reductions in crime, disrupted organised criminality and protected the communities you serve.
  • PC Chris King, PC Martyn Guy, PC Richard Hamnett, PC Matthew Greenwood, PC Daniel Airey (and Police Dog “Astra”, PC James Berriman, PC Liam McDowall, PC Sarah Nixon, PC Mark Hal and, PC Nicholas Kitson for your determination in pursuing and detaining three suspects following a residential burglary of elderly vulnerable victims in Honley. The three offenders were each sentenced to 32 months imprisonment ensuring the community is now a safer place to live and work.
  • Ex-DI Stefanie Wiseman and PS Matthew Hawker for your professionalism in leading the incident and criminal investigation following a serious and vicious dog attack where by the victim subsequently died as a result of the injuries sustained.
  • PCSO Julie Buxton for your consistent hard work in supporting the communities of Dewsbury Moor and Scout Hill.  You have forged important links locally that assist the Dewsbury and Mirfield Neighbourhood Team in delivering problem solving and reassurance.
  • PS Nicola Brown for your outstanding personal commitment to Equality, Diversity, and Kirklees Inclusion Strategy.
  • PC Darren Parkinson – who received an Assistant Chief Constable’s Commendation for your outstanding commitment and innovation, you have demonstrated while policing the roads of Kirklees.  Your use of ANPR at a Neighbourhood level is truly innovative and has resulted in significant reductions in crime by removing uninsured drivers from the roads, disrupting organised criminals and protecting the communities you serve.


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