Officers, Staff and Public Honoured at Calderdale District Policing Awards

Friday 5 October 2018

An officer who risked her own life to save a man from drowning, a road safety champion and members of the public who tackled a violent burglar, are just some of the people honoured at this year’s Calderdale District Policing Awards.

Chief Superintendent Dickie Whitehead and Lord Lieutenant Ed Anderson
Chief Superintendent Dickie Whitehead and Lord Lieut Ed Anderson

Police officers, police community support officers, district staff and members of the public were honoured at the annual awards on Thursday at Halifax’s Shay Stadium.

The event saw commendations and awards for bravery, dedication and investigative work by West Yorkshire Police, while members of the public were also recognised for their roles in helping police and their local community.

Calderdale District Commander, Chief Superintendent Dickie Whitehead, said:

“The district awards is a highlight of the year for me and is a great opportunity to recognise the dedication and hard work of our staff and members of the public in our communities.

“These awards are just a snapshot of the great work that goes on a daily basis and they highlight the variety of policing challenges officers face.

“Every year, we hear examples of how police officers have gone above and beyond their call of duty to protect the public and I am extremely proud of their commitment, dedication and, at times, selfless actions in protecting our communities.”

Over 100 colleagues from across all ranks and nine members of the public enjoyed the evening as they heard how their peers had played a role in keeping Calderdale safe.

Calderdae District Senior Leadership Team -- CI Gareth Crossley, Supt Sarah Baker, Chief Supt Dicke Whitehead, DCI Dave Shaw, CI Damon Solley
Calderdae District SLT

They were joined by HM the Queen’s representative for West Yorkshire Lord Lieutenant Mr Ed Anderson and his wife Mrs Heather Anderson along with other dignitaries including, Mayor of Calderdale Councillor Marcus Thompson and his wife Mrs Chance-Thompson, Reverend Canon Hilary Barbour, Chief Executive of Calderdale Council Mr Robin Tuddenham, Craig Whittaker MP, Chief Executive Jayne Sykes from the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and DCC John Robins.

The evening was hosted by Chief Supt Dickie Whitehead and was compèred by Superintendent Justine Plumb. 

Some of the winners included:

Christopher and Timothy Wallace (Members of the public)

Father and son Christopher and Timothy became aware of two suspicious men at a family address, who looked as though they would break into the property.

The pair confronted the suspects, who made off, with Chris and Tim chasing after them, tackled them and detained them until police arrived.

One of the suspects was in possession of a large kitchen knife, and was found to be a prolific and violent offender.

They, alongside PC Thomas who was the officer attending and detaining the suspect, are recognised for their bravery and courage in apprehending a violent burglar.

PC Jenna Stabler
PC Jenna Stabler

PC Jenna Stabler

PC Stabler found herself responding to a report of an elderly man in the canal at Brighouse last December. The man, who was in his 70s, slipped down a muddy canal-bank after losing his balance when getting out of his wagon.

The conditions meant it was impossible for him to get out of the canal unassisted, and he was suffering from exhaustion and distress.

PC Stabler was lowered down the bank head-first by colleagues holding onto her ankles. She was able to attach straps to the man and pull him out of the icy water with help from colleagues.

On his recovery from the water, the attending officers immediately started first aid to try and raise the body temperature of the man. This was successful and he was taken to hospital and went on to make a full recovery.

David Kneiser and Sarah McKenna (police staff)

Following a fatal house fire in December 2017 in which two people sadly lost their lives, David and Sarah went above and beyond to help the mother of one of the victims.

While the fire and the deaths were being investigated, all the property was removed from the house and stored at Halifax Police Station’s evidence stores.

The authority was given for the items to be returned to next of kin, but many of the items, including photographs, clothing and other personal effects of the deceased, had been smoke damaged.

Before the victim’s mother was due to attend the police station to collect the property belonging to her deceased daughter, David and Sarah went beyond what was expected of them and took it upon themselves to clean the damaged items.

They minimised the distress and upset the return of these personal items may have caused, and demonstrated an enormous level of care and compassion when the victim’s mother arrived at the police station - reassuring her and speaking sensitively to her over a cup of tea, whilst supporting her through the required paper work.

Sergeant Ben Doughty
Sergeant Ben Doughty

David and Sarah could have simply handed the items over in their original state, with limited interaction with the deceased’s mother. Instead, they anticipated the level of distress this could have caused, and both went out of their way to do everything in their power to prepare to hand back the possessions with the highest levels of compassion and empathy.

Police Sergeant Ben Doughty

Road safety continues top the list of things residents are most concerned about in Calderdale, so in November 2017 Sergeant Ben Doughty volunteered to take the lead on road safety in the district.

Sgt Doughty now sits on the Road Safety Delivery Group and has successfully bid for and secured over £30k of funding to deliver road safety projects on the district’s roads, under Operation Hawmill.

The objectives are to tackle the fatal four driving offences, and so far Ben has secured over £30k of funding to secure proactive road safety operations.

The operation and teams involved have had significant success with drivers penalised for drink/drug driving, using a mobile phone, speeding and not wearing a seatbelt. The project has secured significant public and media interest, with support from councillors, communities and the local press.

PC Zabina Manir
PC Zabina Manir

Sgt Doughty’s passion and enthusiasm for road safety has meant he has successfully engaged partners across Calderdale to work together on education, enforcement and prevention, with his work being used as an example of best practice across other districts in the Force.

PC Zabina Manir

Following the arrest of a man after he broke into his former partner’s house through an upstairs window and threatened to scar her for life, PC Manir took up the case. 

The suspect woke and threatened the victim with a weapon, prevented her from leaving the house and threw a cup of boiling water at her. He then made further threats via text message, saying he would find acid and throw it in her face. 

PC Manir provided support during the initial investigation and through doing so, secured the victim’s trust who disclosed a history of serious domestic abuse.

Lengthy video interviews were conducted with the victim, who disclosed significant evidence towards the extensive abuse she had suffered and evidence of the criminal behaviour committed against her.

The defendant was charged with section 47 assault, sexual assault and coercive and controlling behaviour. 

Karl Sedge and Lisa Sullivan
Karl Sedge and Lisa Sullivan

The defendant was convicted at Bradford Crown Court, becoming the second person in Calderdale to be prosecuted with coercive and controlling behaviour.

Karl Sedge and Lisa Sullivan, Halifax Street Angels

The Halifax Street Angels are a voluntary group that dedicate more than 12,000 hours to Halifax Town Centre every year.

In 2016/17, they made over 3,900 positive interventions and dealt with 1,300 incidents where previously there would have been a call to the emergency services.

The group support the night time economy of Halifax and offer a safe place, first aid, refreshments and flip flops for aching feet. The group are a key part of the night time economy in Halifax and regularly deal with incidents preventing the need for a call to the emergency services.

Their work is recognised independently by the Purple Flag assessors. 


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