Pensioner Jailed For Child Sex Offences, Kirklees

Monday June 15, 2020

A Batley pensioner has been jailed for more than 19 years after pleading guilty to a string of serious sexual offences against children.

Robert Brady

Robert Brady (79) from Batley, was sentenced to 19 years and six months in prison at a hearing at Leeds Crown Court on June 15 for a series of non-recent and also recent sexual offences, including rape.

Brady pleaded guilty to 11 offences in total which were committed against three male victims.

They included six offences, including rape, committed between 1985 and 2003 against one victim and five sexual assaults in 2019 against another two male victims.

The Kirklees Child Safeguarding Unit began to investigate Brady in summer 2019 after evidence of his offending was brought to police attention.

He was charged in September as a full investigation continued to uncover the scale of his past offending.

PC Alexis Stansfield of Kirklees District Child Safeguarding Unit, who led the investigation, said:  “Robert Brady committed appalling acts against young and vulnerable victims who were in no position to defend themselves and we are pleased to see him receive a substantial sentence in court for his crimes.

“He has clearly still posed a huge danger to children will into his later 70’s and is without doubt a significantly predatory offender.

“This was a harrowing investigation and I wish to pay tribute to the victims who had the courage to support our enquiries and help put this very dangerous man behind bars.

“I’m pleased his guilty plea spared them seeing the case taken to trial and hope they may gain some comfort from seeing Brady brought to justice, knowing he has received such a significant prison sentence at such a late stage in his life.” 


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