Police Advisory Group Appoints First Non-Police Chairman

Thursday, 21 December 2017

A group which was traditionally chaired by police officers to help its members to provide a better service to communities has appointed its first non-police chairman. 

The Bradford Independent Advisory Group (IAG), which helps to advise the police on local issues arising from its actions and initiatives, has appointed Rafiq Sehgal to be its new leader.

Mr Sehgal, who lives in Bradford and is a member of the city’s Council for Mosques, was appointed following a recent review, which was conducted to make sure that the voice of the public was being heard in decision making by senior police officers at Bradford District.

Members of the IAG meet every eight weeks to discuss the work of the police and partners in Bradford and in West Yorkshire.

Mr Sehgal, said:

“I feel very privileged and proud to have been appointed as the new chair of the Bradford Independent Advisory Group.

“As the new chair I hope to build on the excellent work of my predecessors who have helped our police officers in this district to better understand the communities they serve and the issues that matter to them.”

Superintendent Daniel Greenwood, of Bradford District Police, said:

“The IAG has and continues to play a valuable role in shaping local policing by expressing the views of communities on what can be done to make people’s experiences of working with their local officers better. 

“It is an essential part of local decision making and allows us to test and challenge key decisions to ensure they are in the best interests of everyone living in Bradford.

“It is important that the IAG is independent and is able to give honest and constructive feedback – and deserved criticism – so having a non-police chair was a logical step to ensure the group has independent leadership. 

“Mr Sehgal has a proven track record on working to make Bradford a better place to be and I know he will have the vision and foresight to continue to develop the IAG.”

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