Police Continue Efforts To 'Stall' Street Racing In Wakefield

Wednesday 2 October, 2019

Police have again been out to deter speeding drivers in Wakefield as part of continuing efforts to stall ‘street racing’ in the cities retail parks.

The Wakefield West Neighbourhood Policing Team stopped 10 cars on the Cathedral Retail Park on Sunday night as part of a continuing operation there.

Officers were joined by the District’s Matrix Off Road motorbike team for the high visibility patrols and also a speed-gun operation.

A total of 89 speed checks was conducted by pro-laser with an average speed of 25mph being recorded for cars driving along Charlesworth Way.

Ten cars were also stopped by officers in relation to traffic matters.

All in all, NPT officers and Matrix colleagues stopped 21 vehicles during the last week of September for traffic matters with a total of three traffic tickets issued for not wearing seatbelts.

Wakefield City and Outer NPT in conjunction with police operation matrix off road bike team have stopped a total of 21 vehicles across Wakefield relating to road traffic matters during the week commencing 23rd September 2019 with a total of three traffic tickets issued for not wearing seatbelts.

Inspector Helen Brear of the Wakefield North West NPT, said: “We have been working hard with colleagues over the past few months to reduce anti-social driving around the retail parks on weekend evenings and it is pleasing to see that the drivers we speed checked in the area on Sunday were abiding by speed limits.

“This initiative will continue and we continue to urge residents to get in touch with any information or mobile phone/dashcam they may have regarding drivers seen breaking the law in that area or any other part of Wakefield.”

Anyone who has information can contact the Wakefield City and North West NPT at [email protected]



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