Police Crackdown On Off-Road Bikes in Kirklees

Tuesday 13 August, 2019

Kirklees District Police are clamping down on off-road bikes following a number of incidents and anti-social behaviour across Kirklees which is impacting the communities.

These issues cause unnecessary distress and concern for communities across Kirklees and wherever possible West Yorkshire Police is working with partner agencies to put measures in place to prevent the use of off-road bikes in our ward areas.

In some cases, police are able to use legislation which allows them to remove bikes from the road that are being used anti-socially and also prosecute riders who ride their machines on roads illegally.

Majority of off-roads bikes and their riders the police stop have a common theme:

  • No helmet
  • No gloves
  • No protective equipment
  • No driving licence or insurance
  • Worn tyres
  • Broken or faulty lights
  • Often they are carrying pillion passengers.

Recently, there was a road traffic collision in Honley which left two teenagers with serious injuries after their bike collided with a lamp post. 

Kirklees District Police want to issue a warning to those who continue to flout the laws of the roads, by putting themselves and others in danger by riding these vehicles in a reckless manner.

Inspector Graham Dyson, of Kirklees District Police, said: “The anti-social use of off-road bikes is a nuisance to our communities, and depletes police resources from more serious crimes, but the potentially danger and life changing cost to all road users by the illegal use of these machines is immeasurable.

“We are very much aware that the dangerous and anti-social use of off-road motorbikes and other similar vehicles is an issue that can have a significant impact on residents’ quality of life and it is something we take very seriously and work alongside our partner agencies to tackle.

“We have specialist off-road bike officers who patrol hotspot areas to support the work of local neighbourhood officers and we regularly seize bikes and issue warning notices.

“Clearly educating young people not to be become the next generation of problem bikers is a key part of our work and we continue to work with schools and other young people’s organisations to raise awareness of the risks this activity creates for both the riders and innocent members of the public.

“We always encourage people to report any incidents, particularly if they have specific information about known individuals who are involved, so that we can take appropriate action.

“If you own or ride an off-road bike, make sure your bike is safe to be ridden, ride with the correct equipment and ride within the law. There are lots of off-road bike centres in and around the area where you can ride legally and become a better and safer riding with skills that you can use in the future as a legal motorcyclist.

“Riding without the correct equipment and documentation is dangerous, can lead to you losing your licence, and could also result in serious life changing injuries if you are involved in an accident.”

If you know anyone who own an off-road bike and rides it illegally, or if you have any information about incidents of anti-social behaviour on bikes, including descriptions of bikes and their riders, please contact the police either via 101 or online https://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/form/report-nuisance-bikes

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