Police Work To Drive Street Racers Away From Wakefield Retail Parks

Tuesday 20 August 2019

Police have said they will keep working to ‘drive away’ street racers from Wakefield City centre after mounting a high visibility operation on Sunday night.

Officers from the Roads Policing Unit, Wakefield City NPT and Special Constables mounted a number of high visibility patrols in the Charlesworth Way area on Sunday evening as part of an ongoing operation.

Senior officers also put dispersal order powers in place, giving police authority to order away anyone spotted behaving anti-socially and arrest them if they returned.

NPT officers checked in excess of 50 cars with a pro laser device to see if any were speeding and issued two Section 59 traffic warnings to drivers, advising their vehicles could be confiscated if they were reported as being involved in further offences.

A number of drivers on the retail park were also spoken to by officers and advised about the police operation and that police would be cracking down on anyone seen driving anti-socially.

Meanwhile, officers also searched for and located a motorbike seen being ridden at speed in the area during the operation.

It was located in the Lupset area and following checks, found to have been stolen from Leeds.

The operation was mounted after a recent resurgence in ‘street racing’ style activity at the retail parks around Charlesworth Way in recent weeks on Sunday and Monday nights

Wakefield City NPT officers have been in touch with local businesses regarding issues there, and weekly patrols have also been undertaken by roads policing officers.

Inspector Helen Brear of Wakefield City NPT, said: “We are aware of the concern caused by anti-social ‘street racing’ style behaviour in the retail park area and mounted Sunday’s operation to both deter dangerous driving and also reassure those using the retail park.

“Officer’s maintained a high visibility presence throughout the evening which appears to have prevented ASB issues and local businesses also said they were happy to see so many officers patrolling.

“It is heartening to see that of more than 50 vehicles checked none were speeding or driving poorly."

She added: “Some of the behaviour by those taking part has been extremely dangerous and it is unacceptable that some drivers think it is OK to behave in such a manner on public roads.

“We will seek to mount more deterrence operations and I would ask anyone who has information or intelligence about dangerous driving in the Cathedral Retail park area, including mobile phone footage to contact the Wakefield City NPT mailbox at [email protected]

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