Residents of Yorkshire & Humber get expert help dealing with cyber-crime in unique police trial

Press release from the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Cyber Crime Unit


The cyber-crime arm of the Yorkshire & Humber Regional Cyber Crime Unit has partnered with The Cyber Helpline to provide residents with 24/7 support to deal with cyber-crime.

The pilot, which is unique in the UK, ensures that all victims of cyber-crime in the region will have free access to cybersecurity experts if they feel they have been a victim of cyber-crime.

An intelligent chatbot now sits on the YHRCCU website which individuals can use to have their issue diagnosed and receive immediate advice on what they should do next. The chatbot can also connect the victim to a team of volunteer cybersecurity experts who will work with the individual to help them understand, contain, recover and learn from their issue.

“Victims of cybercrime need help. Often they need that help quickly and from someone they know they can trust. It is great to be working with the Yorkshire & Humber team to ensure that the region’s victims have someone to turn to 24/7 to help them deal with experiencing a cybercrime or online security issues,” says Rory Innes CEO at The Cyber Helpline. “We have built a unique service using a mix of an intelligent chatbot and expert volunteers to support victims and fight cybercrime. I am confident that this partnership will have a big impact on the region and prove to be a blueprint for supporting victims throughout the UK.”

“Our partnership with the cyber helpline provides a central point of contact for advice, enhancing technical confidence and signposting to the correct reporting platform if required. Whether someone requires general guidance on settings or has a specific query, our partnership with The Cyber Helpline will ensure the correct advice in line with government guidelines is provided,” says DS Shelton Newsham, Cyber Protect and Cyber Prevent Lead at YHRCCU.

The benefits of this new partnership include:

• Support, advice and guidance for victims of cybercrime;
• Additional access to resources for YHRCCU including training and information.

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