Sixteen Jailed For Over 200 Years As Part of Grooming Gang

Friday 19 October 2018

Sixteen defendants have been jailed for over 200 years as part of a grooming gang which preyed on vulnerable young girls in Huddersfield.

Four more men have been found guilty by a jury at Leeds Crown Court and are awaiting sentenced for multiple offences such as rape and trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Since the beginning of January 2018, Leeds Crown Court has heard chilling and horrifying evidence in relation to a gang of men who subjected young vulnerable girls to years of repeated serious sexual abuse, supplied them with drugs and alcohol and trafficked them across the region for their own sexual gratification.

The third trial concluded on 8 October and the reporting restrictions which were imposed by the judge at Leeds Crown Court have now been lifted and the results can be made public for the first time.

An extensive and extremely complex and sensitive investigation was conducted by detectives in Kirklees, spanning nearly five years, in order to bring a case in front of a judge at crown court to secure justice for all 15 victims.

In 2013, the first report was made to the police by a victim and since that point, police identified 15 victims and pieced together the investigation.

The location for the offending was around Huddersfield and all suspects originate from the town. The offences committed occurred between 2004 and 2011 against girls aged between 11 and 17-year-old.

Detective Chief Inspector Ian Mottershaw, from West Yorkshire Police, who led the investigation, said: “First and most importantly, I would like to pay tribute to each and every victim who came forward firstly to report these heinous crimes, but to go through the gruelling court process which has taken nearly a year to conclude and to bravely give their accounts to us and the court. I cannot praise them enough for their courage and tenacity in helping us secure justice for them against these defendants.

“The investigation into this case has been extremely complex and the investigative team have worked tirelessly for the past five years to ensure that no stone has been left unturned. We welcome the convictions and sentences which have been passed down throughout the year to these depraved individuals, who subjected vulnerable young children to unthinkable sexual and physical abuse.

 “Child sexual exploitation is abhorrent and is one of the most important challenges facing the police. Safeguarding the vulnerable and protecting victims is West Yorkshire Police’s top priority. It is totally unacceptable and it is the responsibility of all agencies, communities and individuals to identify those responsible and help bring them to justice.

“However unwilling victims may be initially to engage with police or other agencies, or to give evidence against the perpetrators, they will always be supported, listened to and protected from further harm.

“West Yorkshire Police, the West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner and partner agencies are committed to doing everything they possibly can to ensure that children are safe, cared for and protected from harm. We are committed to working closely with these partners and will take positive action against those who abuse or neglect children.

“I hope the outcomes of these trials will enable the victims to start the process of putting this trauma behind them and reassure any other potential victims that we will treat them with the utmost respect and sensitivity and take positive action against perpetrators.”

Trial one results:

  • Amere Singh Dhaliwal, aged 35, Holly Road, Thornton Lodge, was jailed for life – minimum 18 years; he received full life terms for all of the 22 rape offences, will be on licence for life. He was charged with 21 counts of rape, assault by penetration, four counts of sexual assault, five counts of inciting sexual activity with a child, 13 counts of trafficking for sexual exploitation, three counts of making indecent images, one count of inciting child prostitution, two offences of administering a substance with intent to commit a sexual act and a racially aggravated assault;
  • Irfan Ahmed, aged, 34, of Yews Hill Road, Lockwood, he was jailed for 8 years for sexual activity with a child and two counts of trafficking for sexual exploitation;
  • Zahid Hassan, aged 29, of Bland Street, Lockwood, was jailed for 18 years for eight counts of rape, sexual assault, trafficking for sexual exploitation, two counts of child abduction, two offences of supply of Class A drugs and racially aggravated assault;
  • Mohammed Kammer, aged 34, of West View, Paddock, was jailed for 16 years for two counts of rape;
  • Raj Singh Barsran, aged 34, of Caldercliffe Road, Berry Brow, was jailed for 17 years for one offence of rape and two counts of sexual assault;
  • Mohammed Rizwan Aslam, aged 30, of Huddersfield Road, Dewsbury, was jailed for 15 years for two counts of rape;
  • Abdul Rehman, aged 31, of Darnley Drive, Sheffield, was jailed for 16 years for rape, trafficking for sexual exploitation, assault causing actual bodily harm and supply of Class B drugs
  • Nahman Mohammed, aged 32, of West View, Paddock, was jailed for 15 years for two counts of rape and trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Trial two results:

  • Mansoor Akhtar, aged 27, of Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Moor, was jailed for 8 years for rape of a child under 16 and trafficking offences;
  • Mohammed Irfraz, aged 30, of North Road, Huddersfield, was jailed for 6 years for child abduction and trafficking offences;
  • Nasarat Hussain, aged 30, of Upper Mount Street, Lockwood, was jailed for 17 years after being found guilty of three counts of rape and sexual assault offences;
  • Sajid Hussain, aged 33, of Grasmere Road, Edgerton, was jailed for 17 years after being found guilty of two counts of rape;
  • Faisal Nadeem, aged 32, of Carr Green Lane, Dalton, was jailed for 12 years for rape and supply of Class A drugs;
  • Mohammed Azeem, aged 33, of Wrose Road, Bradford, was jailed for 18 years after being found guilty of five counts of rape;
  • Wiqas Mahmud, aged 38, of Banks Crescent, Golcar, was jailed for 15 years after being found guilty by a jury of three rape offences;
  • Manzoor Hassan, aged 38, of Bland Street, Lockwood, was jailed for 5 years for supply of Class A drugs, administering a noxious substance and inciting a person under 18 into prostitution.

Trial three results:

  • Niaz Ahmed, 54, of Woodthorpe Terrace, Huddersfield, was found guilty inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and sexual assault.
  • Mohammed Imran Ibrar, 34, of Manchester Road, Huddersfield, was found guilty of trafficking for sexual exploitation and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.
  • Mohammed Akram, 33, of Springdale Street, Thornton Lodge, was found guilty of two counts of trafficking for sexual exploitation and two counts of rape.
  • Asif Bashir, 33, of Thornton Lodge Road, Huddersfield, was found guilty of rape and attempted rape.

The four defendants in trial three will be sentenced on 1 November at Leeds Crown Court and have been remanded in custody since their convictions.

All defendants have been given indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Orders put in place to prevent them from any unsupervised contact with female children under 18

Mohammed Kammer
Mohammed Kammer
Zahid Hassan
Zahid Hassan
Irfan Ahmed
Irfan Ahmed
Amere Singh Dhaliwal
Amere Singh Dhaliwal
Asif Bashir
Asif Bashir
Mohammed Imran Ibrar
Mohammed Imran Ibrar
Niaz Ahmed
Niaz Ahmed
Manzoor Hassan
Manzoor Hassan
Wiqas Mahmud
Wiqas Mahmud
Mohammed Akram
Mohammed Akram
  • Mohammed Azeem
    Mohammed Azeem
  • Faisal Nadeem
    Faisal Nadeem
  • Sajid Hussain
    Sajid Hussain
  • Nasarat Hussain
    Nasarat Hussain
  • Mohammed Irfraz
    Mohammed Irfraz
  • Mansoor Akhtar
    Mansoor Akhtar
  • Nahman Mohammed
    Nahman Mohammed
  • Abdul Rehman
    Abdul Rehman
Mohammed Rizwan Aslam
Mohammed Rizwan Aslam
Raj Singh Barsran
Raj Singh Barsran


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