Sorry If We Disturbed You

Shortly after midnight on 5th August 2019 we received a telephone call from a resident stating he had just chased off three or four males from his neighbours front garden in the Bailiff Bridge area. The suspects ran across farmland before getting into a vehicle and driving off. It is suspected they were targeting the house to steal the car keys for the two vehicles parked outside. 

PC 1572 Johnson and PC 1969 Clough from Team 2 NPT were on proactive patrols nearby and attended the scene and ascertained the registration number of the vehicle used to flee the scene. 

The vehicle showed no current keeper and no insurance. Extensive enquiries were made which lead Officers to the Ovenden area of Halifax where the vehicle was found parked up down a side street. It was locked and secure but had recently been driven. 

The vehicle was seized for being used in crime and taken away, which we suspect woke up the majority of Halifax given we set the alarm off recovering it (apologies). 

If you have noticed your car isn't where you parked it the other day, fear not, we have it safe and are looking after it for you - just bob into Halifax Police Station, we have a couple of questions for you whilst you're there.

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