Statement Regarding Planned Monday Morning Fuel Protest

Monday July 4, 2022


A statement from West Yorkshire Police regarding planned fuel protests for Monday morning rush hour (4/7)

Assistant Chief Constable Catherine Hankinson of West Yorkshire Police, said:

"West Yorkshire Police is very experienced at managing protest and had planned extensively, with partners, for today’s action.

"Officers have been conscious of the extremely emotive nature of high fuel prices and financial pain these costs are causing, but also of the significant impact a motorway protest would have on the region.

"Under legislation, West Yorkshire Police must balance the rights of people to protest with the wider rights of members of the public. 

"It must evaluate whether a protest would disproportionately affect the rights of others. If it is felt that the actions of a small number will negatively impact the rights of the wider public, then the force is required to intervene and protect the majority.

"Police engaged with the small number of protestors who attended at Ferrybridge Services on Monday morning to explore possible ways in which they could peacefully demonstrate without negatively affecting the wider public.

"It was clear the proposed ‘go slow’ protest on the network would potentially have caused significant gridlock across the North of England.

"Officers took action to avoid the disruption and ensure the wider safety of protestors and road users.

"The force is committed to working in partnership with all stakeholders including those who wish to lawfully demonstrate, and is happy to discuss matters with them going forwards."

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