Traffic Light Beggar Banned From City Centre

Friday, 30 November 2018

A man known to beg for money at traffic islands in Bradford has been banned from the city centre for three years. 

Paul Darracott has been served with a Criminal Behaviour Order after the Bradford District Anti-Social Behaviour Unit presented evidence showing he had refused to accept any help to address his issues.

As well as several counts of begging (which is a criminal offence under the 1824 Vagrancy Act), evidence was also presented to Bradford magistrates showing Darracott, 53, was associating with drug users in the city centre, who were causing issues by discarding drug paraphernalia and rubbish outside business premises.

He is prohibited from entering the city centre (see map below) unless attending court, or planned appointments with legal representatives, or housing or substance misuse agencies. 

If he breaches the terms of his order, which was served by magistrates on 13 November, he will be brought back before magistrates where further action will be considered.

Chief Inspector Michael Rutter, of Bradford District Police, said:

“Anyone who is found begging in the district is advised of the support that is available to them. Unfortunately there are those, like Mr Darracott, who refuse to accept any offers of help.

“Our priority is always the wellbeing of the individual involved. Enforcement action such as a Criminal Behaviour Order, is always viewed as the last resort.

“We hope this will give Mr Darracott the incentive to engage and get the support he needs, and we encourage the public to assist by reporting any suspected breaches of the order.”

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