Upper Valley Priority Update - ASB in Sowerby Bridge

As part of tackling an Upper Valley priority local neighbourhood officers have been targeting anti-social behaviour in and around Sowerby Bridge.


Officers have issued anti-social behaviour warning letters to young people who have been identified in causing this type of behaviour. These letters are a warning that if the anti-social behaviour continues, then the Police may take action by way of applying for an Anti-Social Behaviour Order.  These are civil orders, which can be taken out against any person aged 10 years or over.


Anti-social behaviour is defined by the Crime and Disorder Act of 1998 as:

Any behaviour that caused or was likely to cause HARASSMENT, ALARM or DISTRESS to one or more person not of the same household.


The Police take any report of such behaviour very seriously.  Anti-social behaviour seriously affects the quality of life of other people in the local community and will not be tolerated.


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