West Yorkshire Police Response To Latest ONS Crime Statistics

Thursday 23 January 2020

Latest crime statistics published today reveal some positive crime reductions in West Yorkshire including violence with injury, burglary and vehicle crime.

And while the Office for National Statistics report for the period up to the end of September shows a rise in total crime, the very latest data available to the Force shows a downward trend in the nine months up to the end of December with 4,200 fewer victims of crime.

The police officers, staff and volunteers of West Yorkshire Police are committed to reducing crime, protecting vulnerable people and reassuring the public of West Yorkshire. 

Chief Constable John Robins QPM, said: “We are now starting to see reductions in crime categories such as violence with injury, burglary and vehicle crime.  I would like to commend the professionalism, hard work and dedication of the police officers, staff and volunteers of West Yorkshire Police who work tirelessly to confront criminality.  I would also like to thank the public and our partners for their continual support.  The public and our wide range of policing partners play a substantial role in what is a collective effort to prevent crime. ”

“I am particularly pleased to note that our commitment to tackle knife crime is making such a tangible difference.  Operation Jemlock was launched in April 2019 to tackle serious violent crime and knife crime.   Since its inception we have seen a 9% reduction in all knife crime offences and a 12% reduction in the number of people, aged under 25, harmed by knife crime.  However we all know that one person adversely affected by knife crime, or serious violent crime, is one too many.  We are not complacent and we are committed to building upon these successes.”

Mr Robins highlighted that the public should have confidence in the accuracy and integrity of the figures. He said: “Accurate crime statistics allow us to truly understand the demands we face.  We can deploy and prioritise our resources to ensure they have the maximum possible impact. This is particularly important when faced with criminality which is continuously evolving, increasing in complexity and occurring in environments which are often hidden or unseen by the public.”

“When someone harmed by crime reports it to West Yorkshire Police, they can be confident it will be recorded appropriately as well as being dealt with proportionately and professionally. We have made significant and sustained efforts over a number of years to ensure that our response to crime is centred upon victims and witnesses and the needs of those who have been harmed by crime.”

West Yorkshire Police was the first metropolitan force within England and Wales to be graded as ‘Outstanding’ for its crime data integrity.  This was the conclusion of an independent inspection in 2018 by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Service (HMICFRS).

Mr Robins added: “Other forces have not attained this high grading, so very careful consideration should therefore be taken when comparing one force with another. It will not necessarily always be an accurate and reliable assessment.

“Whilst I welcome the recent national announcements on police officer numbers and the continued support locally of the Police and Crime Commissioner over a number of years, West Yorkshire Police still has significant financial pressures to address over the coming years.

“However I am confident with reduced crime figures like these, we are definitely moving in the right direction.”

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