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Public Encouraged To Get Involved With Webchat On Psychoactive Substances

Tuesday 22 March, 2016

West Yorkshire Police is hosting a web chat on Thursday evening around Psychoactive Substances, also unhelpfully known as "Legal Highs".

Force Drugs Coordinator Bryan Dent and Ben Holden from Forward Leeds will be online between 7pm and 8pm on Thursday 24 March to answer any questions around the forthcoming change in legislation and the impact of these potentially lethal substances on users and the wider community.

The belief held by many that because these substances are ‘legal’ that they must be ‘safe’ has proved disastrous as there has been many reports of people losing consciousness, having psychotic episodes and even dying from these ever-changing substances which are produced by an unregulated industry.

Bryan Dent, Force Drugs Coordinator said; "The change in legislation will affect all retailers, and guidance is being issued nationally and locally to those thought to be intentionally, and unknowingly selling psychoactive substances. Certain items will be exempt from the act, however it will be an offence to supply, or offer to supply psychoactive substances and the police will be able to stop and search people, vehicles as well as premises and not only seize but also destroy psychoactive substances. We are trying to ensure that all retail outlets- shops, garages, market stalls and internet suppliers are aware of their obligations under the act and that their organisations or business are not selling or in any other way dealing in psychoactive substances.

Bryan added; "We are utilising a number of methods, along with our partners to educate both users and suppliers in an effort to avoid retailers falling foul of the new law and at the same time making West Yorkshire a safer place to be including making people feel safer within West Yorkshire communities. I welcome the changes to the legislation which creates a blanket ban in the UK, and hope this goes some way in reducing the availability of these often dangerous substances to users."

The Home Office has put the change in legislation on hold from April 6, with the new date anticipated to be in the Spring.

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