Not With My Name Identity Crime Campaign

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The ‘Not With My Name’ campaign, produced in partnership with the City of London Police (National Policing Lead for Fraud) is targeting identity crime in our communities.

Identity fraud is an offence that one in four UK adults – 12.275 million people - is believed to have fallen victim to, losing on average £1,200 each. Total losses to the UK adult population are estimated to be £3.3 billion.*

In the first quarter of 2015 there was a 27% increase in identity fraud. The average age of a victim was 46, with men being 1.7 times more likely than women to have their identity stolen.**

The knock-on effects range from the inconvenient to the highly distressing, with issues taking on average 200 hours of a person or businesses time to resolve.

Victims often find that money has been removed from their bank or their account has been taken over, a fraudulent passport or driving license has been created in their name, or loans, mortgages and mobile phone contracts have been set-up using their identity.

The wider effects for society are also concerning with the proceeds of identity crime often being used to fund further criminal activity.

To combat this rising threat the ‘Not With My Name’ campaign will be highlighting advice focused on helping people protect their personal information. This will include pointers on creating safe passwords, protecting internet devices, dealing with unsolicited phone calls and emails, and safely storing and disposing of mail.


Tips on staying safe

  1. Be careful who you give your personal information to....and how.
  2. Make it as difficult as possible to crack your passwords.
  3. Always destroy or securely store personal documents.
  4. Don't respond to unsolicited phone calls or emails.
  5. Protect your personal devices.


Downloadable Posters and Leaflet

This leaflet has been made available in order to be printed and displayed for educational and support purposes.

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