Partnership Intelligence Portal

Authorised Account Holders Only

This system and access to it is for authorised partners and organisations to submit information to West Yorkshire Police.

If you are a Police partner and wish to be considered for access to the Partnership Intelligence Portal, please consider applying for access here.


What information are we seeking?

Criminality hits at the heart of the communities we all serve. Working together in partnership, we need any information you can offer about all levels of criminal activity;

  • What criminal activity is taking place?
  • Who is committing the crime?
  • Who are they targeting?
  • Information about protecting the vulnerable.
  • How are they committing their crimes?

Information about routine criminality through to serious and organised crime, all is welcome in helping us understand the threat against our communities.

Click here for further information on Programme Precision (opens new browser window), our collaborative response to serious and organised crime.


Page last reviewed March 2022.