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If you hear or see anything unusual in or around your local airfield... Report it.
Even the smallest thing can be significant.

Smuggling causes immense harm to the UK, whether it is people being moved, or drugs, explosives, guns or other commodities.

There are tens of thousands of light aircraft, helicopters and microlights in the UK, and a lot of airfields – not just the large commercial airports which are staffed by the police and Border Force, but also private aerodomes and old bomber bases, down to small club strips and farmers’ fields.

Every person who evades UK border controls, every shipment of contraband that gets flown into the UK, every crook on the run that gets flown out, is a threat to you, your family, your community.

Do you fly or use light aircraft for leisure or business?

Do you work in the aviation industry or live in the vicinity of an airfield?

Then terrorists and organise criminals pose a threat to your pastime or your business.  They will exploit any opening they can find.


We can’t watch every plane and every airstrip 24 hours a day, so we need your help.
Project Pegasus is a joint initiative by the National Crime Agency, the Association of Chief Police Officers and UK Border Force, to address terrorist and criminal threats to the aviation scene.  Help us to protect you.  Talk to us about activity that makes you uncomfortable and we’ll make sure the information gets to the people who need to see it.


There is no recipe for terrorist, criminal, or suspicious activity: if it looks odd to you, report it and we’ll check it out.

Is the pilot :

  • Inexperienced, nervous, or vulnerable to pressure?
  • Flying at the edge of his or her capabilities
  • Disregarding the weather conditions
  • Pushing their luck on short airstrips or in low light?
  • Taking risks with fuel? Damaging planes too often?
  • Ignoring aviation regulations? Filing misleading or false General Aviation Reports or flight plans?
  • Being evasive about passengers, flights, routes?


Are there suspicious associates around?

Is the aircraft :

  • Modified to increase range or load?
  • Carrying extra fuel?
  • Visiting remote destinations, rarely-used sites and isolated airfields?
  • Staying at a foreign destination very briefly relative to the effort made to get there?
  • Regularly suffering minor damage?
  • Covered in mud when only tarmac strips are on the flight plans?
  • Landing short of its notified destination?


Have you spotted :

  • Reconnaissance – attempts to test or research security around an airfield?
  • Individuals buying equipment, chemicals, uniform, badges?
  • People in the wrong place or behaving oddly?
  • Packages being dropped from low-flying planes?
  • An odd pattern of aircraft hirings?
  • Club-hopping by non-local pilots linked to attempts to reach distant destinations?
  • Signs of disguised continuation flights or deviations from plan?
  • Strange or fraudulent patterns of payment?


Are all employees appropriately vetted?

Is the airfield or site :

  • Getting extra or unusual use without plausible explanation?
  • Receiving puzzling deliveries?
  • Showing unusual activity on the ground around a landed aircraft?


Are windsocks or lights suddenly appearing? Is activity occurring at odd times, or being disguised or concealed?

If you see unusual activity :

  • Do not take direct action or confront individuals.
  • Do not reveal your suspicions
  • Record as much detail as you can


Help us to protect you. Report anything unusual by calling 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, quoting Pegasus.

  • Who did you see?
  • What did you see? The more specific you are, the better we can explore it.
  • When did you see it?
  • Why was it strange or suspicious?

For further information about Project Pegasus, you can visit the Project Pegasus Government webpage

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Page last reviewed January 2020