Report drug use / drug dealing

Call 999 immediately if

  • The crime is still in progress
  • Someone's injured, being threatened or in imminent danger
  • The offender is still at the scene

How long will the form take?


What do I need?

  • Your personal details, including your address and postcode *
  • Accurate details of the incident
  • Specific details of what you witnessed
    • Where it occured
    • When it occurred
  • Details of suspects - including names / addresses or descriptions of suspects / any other known information
  • Why you think this is a crime

* If you wish to report drug use / drug dealing anonymously, please click here to go to the Crimestoppers website.


Please note : the more specific or accurate the information you provide, the more opportunity the Police will have to take action. If details are too vague unfortunately Police may not have sufficient information to act upon.

For example : "a male goes up to a parked car, leans inside and comes away with a small package" may not provide us with enough detail.

Please provide as much information as you can - details such as description of the person; height, build, hair colour, ethnicity, clothing etc - and then the type of car, the make, model, colour and any distinguishing features.

This level of detail will assist police greatly - and may help us to identify those involved.


Lets check a few things first
Is there any blood or physical evidence at the crime scene?

Before you continue please visit our advice page on how to preserve evidence
Was the crime committed in West Yorkshire?

This crime can not be reported to West Yorkshire Police. Find the force where the offence took place

Note :

This online form is for the reporting of any drug use / drug taking or drug dealing that you may have witnessed in your area.

Please do not use this form to report any other crime type, it must only be used for drug / drug related crime reporting.