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One in Four Through an Insecure Door...

Insecure, or ‘sneak-in’, burglary is 100% preventable at no cost whatsoever as it can only happen if a door or window has been left unlocked and/or open.  The majority of offenders look for the path of least resistance when attempting to gain entry to a property and finding a door or window unlocked presents them with an attractive opportunity.

Approximately 20-25% of all burglaries in West Yorkshire are through an insecure door or window, this is a significant number of crimes that could have been prevented.  Preventing this type of burglary isn’t a matter of upgrading the physical security in situ; it’s a matter of ensuring that physical security is used and that homes are secure.

There may be many occasions when it is deemed ‘OK’ to leave the door unlocked, you’re just nipping round to the neighbours for five minutes, you’re hanging out the washing, doing a bit of gardening, sat in the front room watching TV or popping to the shop.  It should never be ‘OK’ to leave a door unlocked and getting into the habit of locking doors and windows is extremely important.


Top 5 Tips:

  • Always lock your doors and windows, even when you are at home – it only takes a minute.
  • On locking your doors and windows always remove the keys from the lock, but keep them in an accessible place if they are needed.
  • Set a rule within your home that the last person coming in and going out should always be responsible for locking the door behind them.
  • It’s just as important to ensure that accessible upper floor windows are always closed and locked – i.e. next to a drain pipe or above a low level porch/extension roof.
  • Don’t leave attractive items in reach of a cat flap if you have one – i.e. keys, wallets/purses, bags, mobile phones or iPads.