Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme - Clare’s Law

Police forces are allowed to disclose information to a potential victim and have a duty to protect members of the public from domestic abuse.

A disclosure under the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (Clare’s Law) may be generated by a:

  • Right to know obligation on the police to disclose; or
  • Right to ask application from a member of the public.


The data below shows the number of disclosure requests (both right to know and right to ask) recorded by West Yorkshire Police and the number of disclosures made.

09 December 2017
Today we have released the latest video in our series of daily videos designed to raise awareness of domestic abuse, and encourage everyone to report domestic abuse to police and other support agencies.

Domestic Abuse Affects Your Children Too

Research has shown that children who suffer or witness domestic abuse may be more likely to become drug users, struggle with their education, suffer health issues, become involved in crime, and that they too may have abusive relationships themselves.

Domestic Violence Protection Notices and Orders

A DVPN and DVPO is aimed at Domestic perpetrators (18 or over) who present an on-going risk of violence to the victim with the objective of securing a co-ordinated approach across agencies for the protection of victims and the management of perpetrators.