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West Yorkshire Police - Website Accessibility

West Yorkshire Police is committed to making its website accessible, in accordance with the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018.

The site has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible for our users - with a simple navigation, good contrast, limited font use and increased white spacing.

We use a selection of operating systems, browsers and devices when testing new web pages.

This website is fully responsive and designed to work on regular browsers, as well as smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.


Accessibility Statement

Read the West Yorkshire Police Website Accessibility Statement


Customising your experience

You might find our website easier to use if you change some of the settings on your device or browser to suit your individual needs. For example it may assist you if you change the website’s colours, increase the text size or have the site spoken aloud.

For more help customising your experience using accessibility features already on your device or by installing extra assistive technologies, read AbilityNet’s My Computer My Way guide.


Font sizes

If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel you may be able to increase and decrease the size of the fonts in your web browser by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and moving the mouse wheel up or down. You can also press and hold the Ctrl key and press either the + or - keys on the top of the keyboard. You can reset your font size to your default setting by pressing the Ctrl key and 0. 

The text size on this website can also be changed in your browser / device settings. Please check the help section of the browser you are using, or the accessibility options on your device (smartphone/tablet) for more information on changing text sizes.


Text language translation - Google Translate

This site offers Google Translate an automated tool which attempts to translate the text on this site on-the-fly in to over 100 different languages.

To use the translate tool :

On a desktop computer / laptop browser* scroll to the top of any page and use the drop down menu on the top right hand side and then click 'select language' and the language of your choice to translate.

On a smartphone or tablet tap the Menu link on the top right hand side and then tap 'select language' and the language of your choice to translate.

As with any automated translation system, using Google Translate is only meant to be a guide - and West Yorkshire Police cannot guarantee its accuracy. Google Translate is therefore to be used at your own risk.

* Note as of May 2020 there are issues with the Google Translate tool when used with some older browsers. Browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and some older versions of Microsoft Edge are no longer supported by Google Translate, and so the translate tool does not display.  In such instances please choose an alternative browser or update to the latest version of Microsoft Edge.



We aim to use descriptive alternative (ALT) text for all images used on the site.



All our videos are loaded on to YouTube, and after loading will normally have text transcripts / subtitles added, as resources allow.


Easy Read

Our Easy Read documents provide details on helping to keep you and your home and property safe.


Text / Screen Reader

Upon feedback from our audience, we have removed our previous screen reading software. There are many browser based, or system based screen reading systems available. Follow the links to find out more.

(Please note: these links take you to external webpages only. They do not install any screen reader software)


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