Who can help?

Who are you really talking to?

Online grooming can happen to both boys and girls, of any age, whether you are gay or straight and no matter where you’re from or what your cultural background is.

If you have met someone online, or face to face, and they are putting you under pressure to do something that you feel uncomfortable with you should tell an adult who you trust.

If this is happening to you, or you are worried it could be happening to someone you know, there are people that can help.

If you are being sexually abused it is never your fault and you will not be blamed or judged for anything that has happened.

If you need to talk to someone about something that has happened to you online you should always speak to a trusted adult. Talking about a problem can often make you feel better and you shouldn't feel embarrassed, shy or ashamed.

If you have been the victim of online grooming, or sexual abuse, there are people who can help. It’s a good idea to talk to someone that you trust like a parent, carer, family member or teacher.

West Yorkshire Police has specially trained officers who understand, will listen to you and will help to make it stop.

You can contact our Safeguarding Units across the county:
Bradford Safeguarding Unit: Child 01274 373954
Calderdale Safeguarding Unit: Domestic safeguarding: 01422 337199
Kirklees Safeguarding Unit: 01924 335073
Leeds Safeguarding Unit: 0113 3859576
Wakefield Safeguarding Unit: 01924 878398 

You can also contact the police in a non-emergency 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, by calling 101.

In an emergency, where a crime is in progress, or there is a danger to life, always call 999.

If you would like to talk to someone in confidence you can also contact:

Childline - You can call them free on 0800 1111 and this number won’t appear on a telephone bill. Available 24 hours a day.

Basis Young People are an independent Leeds based charity, with over 15 years of experience of working with girls and young women who are being sexually exploited. We offer free, specialist one to one support tailored to the individual young person. 

Tel: 0113 - 243 0036

Email: [email protected]


BLAST- Supports boys and young men who have been, are being, or are at risk of being sexually exploited.

Tel; 0113 2444209

Text 07808 863662 


CEOP – www.thinkuknow.co.uk


Useful links:

Leeds Safeguarding Children Board – www.leedslscb.org.uk

Wakefield Youth – www.wfyouth.co.uk

Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board – www.kirkleessafeguardingchildren.co.uk

Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board – www.calderdale-scb.org.uk

Bradford Safeguarding Children Board – www.bradford-scb.org.uk

Victim Support Children and Young People’s Programme Website